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We’re not done until every dog has a home.

About The Hosts

Terry Griffith
Bark Radio co-host Terry Griffith’s love of animals started long ago. He was the child with dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, fish, well you get the idea and was often happiest while playing in the woods or sitting in a tree. Terry is an animal advocate, a therapy dog handler in training, and a member of Life’s Journey Therapy Dogs. Terry loves to train and work with his two Australian Cattle Dogs – Surrey and Sparky. His passion is animal rescue and rehabilitation through an organization (who he also co-founded with Dee Bogetti) called Many Paths. (


Dee Bogetti
Bark Radio co-host Dee Bogetti has a passion. That passion is dogs. She is a professional dog trainer, a therapy dog handler, and an advocate for all dogs. She is the founder of Life’s Journey Therapy Dogs whose mission is to provide continuing education and support to therapy dog teams, to create new therapy dog programs in the community, and to educate the public about therapy dogs. Dee is a public speaker, writer, dog blogger, and the proud parent of two Labrador Retrievers – Cody and Murphy.