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Cheez Whiz?

Author: BarkRadio
July 20, 2012

Learn why you should include a muzzle in your canine emergency kit exactly what Cheez Whiz has to do with it. Next, hear all about Maxi, the Halti head harness, and hands free leash work with an over-the-shoulder leash. Check out the amazing leather leashes (harnesses and collars, too) at Bold Lead Designs.

January 25, 2011

Ian Dunbar pulls no punches as he rocks the air waves once again on Bark Radio. What does he advise? Train your puppy. Why? Because Ian Dunbar says so, that why! And because your dog needs to know the house rules from the very beginning AND because training is FUN!! And if you don’t train your puppy, that sweet baby may very well become a shelter dog before he’s a year old. And that is why there is Shelter Dog Prevention Month. Think about it: shelter dogs were once puppies. How do those lovable puppies go from being the apple of someone’s eye to being homeless? Ian tells you how it happens and how you can prevent it. Listen up, dog lovers. Share this episode of Bark Radio with everyone you know who has a puppy or is getting a puppy. And go to Ian’s site, Dog Star Daily. You will find tons of free information there: books, videos, blogs, podcasts, and more. Meet and learn from the “father of positive dog training” himself at one of his 2011 seminars, “Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling)” and for all you dog professionals out there, “SIRIUS Academy”.

October 12, 2010

Dee and Terry talked with Ian Dunbar during the first of his new round of seminars in the U.S. Dunbar, the master of lure-reward training, shares his wealth of knowledge in this, his “Science-Based Dog Training with Feeling” series. Dunbar is also talks about his contribution to Cesar Millan’s new book, Cesar’s Rules, a comprehensive look at dog training. To learn more, visit Dog Star Daily for training/behavior videos, books, and articles.

September 23, 2010

Meet concert pianist Lisa Spector, the woman who plays the incredible music that is … Through a Dog’s Ear. Improving the lives of dogs through music? Yes indeed. Does your dog have anxiety issues? Music therapy can help dogs with phobias like fear of thunderstorms and fireworks, as well as one of the most common problems dogs can face: separation anxiety. Is it riding in the car that makes your dog anxious? There’s a special CD in Lisa’s series just for that. This beautiful classical music benefits shelter dogs and new litters of puppies, as well. Visit Lisa’s website. And consider music therapy for your household. It worked in mine, settling dogs and humans alike – in minutes!