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Cheez Whiz?

Author: BarkRadio
July 20, 2012

Learn why you should include a muzzle in your canine emergency kit exactly what Cheez Whiz has to do with it. Next, hear all about Maxi, the Halti head harness, and hands free leash work with an over-the-shoulder leash. Check out the amazing leather leashes (harnesses and collars, too) at Bold Lead Designs.

Tweeting dogs?

Author: BarkRadio
February 18, 2010

Austin Pets Alive isn’t proposing taking over the entire operation of their local shelter after all. Learn more in today’s episode. Next, Terry and Dee talk about some interesting collars available for our dogs. Can your dog Tweet? Mattel’s new product will help with that. Next there’s the vibrating collar for deaf dogs. Sweet! And then there’s the GPS device from DogTracs that attaches to your dog’s collar. With this one, you create a virtual fence and when your dog wanders out of that area, you get a text message with Fido’s location.