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Red Dog Blue Dog

Author: BarkRadio
October 28, 2012

Dogs with political opinions? Yes, indeed. Chuck Sambuchino gives dogs their political voice in this hugely entertaining romp through the ranks of conservative and liberal politics. Examples: “Red Dog thinks the neighbor should mow his damn lawn already. Does that clown have any idea how much property values would go up if he would simply EDGE a little?” “Blue Dog calls you out when you’re not politically correct. He doesn’t care if he embarrasses you in front of your friends.” Don’t miss today’s Bark Radio interview with Chuck and, among other things, learn why teachers are buying Red Dog Blue Dog for their classrooms. Put this one on your gift-giving list. It’s great for kids of all ages.

Pack Ethic Rescue

Author: BarkRadio
July 27, 2012

It was great to catch up with Pack Ethic’s Eric Bellows in today’s episode of Bark Radio. Hear about what’s been happening at the sanctuary this last year, important legislation that we all need to support, and a great event that’s happening at Pack Ethic tomorrow, Saturday,  July 28. If you can’t make it to the sanctuary, check out their great videos on YouTube, visit their website and follow them on Facebook. If you aren’t supporting a rescue, make it this one. Eric and company do amazing work with abused dogs!

A QR code for your dog!

Author: BarkRadio
June 20, 2012

How cool is that? Our dogs can have their very own QR codes. Terry and Dee spoke recently with Bethany from Scan My Pet Pls! about this unique business. Hear all about the organization’s Million Dollar Mission to give back to rescues, shelters, and according to their website … “pet-loving non-profits all over the country!” Support that great mission and keep your pet safe at the same time.

Through a Dogs Ear

Author: BarkRadio
October 28, 2011

Bark Radio is taking a break so sit back and enjoy some of the GREAT interviews we’ve had over the past couple of years ~WooF
Concert pianist Lisa Spector joined Dee and Terry recently to share the latest from “Through A Dog’s Ear” – music to calm your dog. If your dog has sound phobias, separation anxiety, fear or general anxiety issues, even aggression – he or she may be a helped by music therapy. Think, too, about the calming effect of this music in a shelter environment! And now you can help spread the word and help your favorite nonprofit at the same time. Learn about the new “Through A Dog’s Ear” referral program in this episode of Bark Radio.

Oogy – a look back

Author: BarkRadio
September 21, 2011

Bark Radio is taking a break so sit back and enjoy some of the GREAT interviews we’ve had over the past couple of years ~WooF
Terry and Dee catch up with Larry Levin recently to talk about Oogy – the dog and the book. Levin updates Bark Radio listeners about life with Oogy nine years after he was adopted. It’s a bit quieter now. Twins Dan and Noah have gone off to college. But it a very good life with a truly remarkable dog.

Read with Max!

Author: BarkRadio
June 29, 2011

Ghost writer Anthony Majewski talked with us recently about his “Read with Max” series. Unfortunately, Max, Anthony’s yellow Lab and the actual author of series, had other commitments at the time of the interview. The first book in the Max series was Dogs Move Too!, a look at the what it’s like to move from the only home you’ve ever had – from a dog’s perspective … one that is much like a child’s. When Max found himself involved with Leader Dogs for the Blind, he decided it was time to write Dogs Work Too! There are also activity books and even a song, “Look At Me Now!” performed by 10-year-0ld actor, John Coleman Demers. Thanks for the great interview, Anthony! And Woof! to Max.

Richmond Pet Lovers!

Author: BarkRadio
June 22, 2011

Central Virginia pet lovers are very lucky to have Mary Archer and company right in their backyard. is the go-to resource for all things dog (and cat and fish and gerbil … well you get the idea). But never fear, even if you aren’t local, there is tons of great stuff on this website for you. There are the classifieds and contests, the blog and the directory. Mary and her sidekick Sarah shared a bit about this amazing online community in today’s episode.

Pack Ethic Rescue

Author: BarkRadio
June 15, 2011

In upstate New York there is a safe haven for abused animals. Pack Ethic is on 25 beautiful acres and is a place dogs can go to heal physically and emotionally. Eric Bellows, Keri Whitfield and Chad Bellows, live with, rescue, love and rehabilitate dogs who have no where else to go, no one to turn to. These three humans “… make every moment an opportunity for the balance of the pack. By fully providing for these dogs every hour of everyday, we earn their trust, their respect and their affection. In return, we offer them balance to replace fear and dominance.” In today’s episode of Bark Radio, Eric talks about his world and shares updates about some of our favorite rescues, including Joe Thunder. And the puppies … you have to hear about the puppies!

In today’s interview, Sherry Woodard tells us about fabulous program at Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends’ Search and Service program started in May 2009. Sherry hand-picks dogs with the potential to be working dogs. So far, seven search and rescue dogs have been placed, one service dog has been placed and another will go home soon. Having created the successful protocol, Sherry now shares the process with rescues everywhere. Great job, Best Friends!

April 28, 2011

In the final installment of Bark Radio’s FLASHBACK spring break 2011 we bring back an interview with Deborah Parker from Saint Francis Animal Sanctuary in Ohio, they take in special needs animals, especially dogs. Don’t miss this very special interview with Deborah Parker. This wonderful woman is an inspiration to all animal lovers. Learn more at and donate generously to this worthy cause.