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Author: BarkRadio
July 7, 2012

Do NOT take your dog for a ride in the car and then leave him in the car. He can die in there! And if you take your dog out in the world with you in extreme weather, learn how to protect those doggy pads. And what about exercising your dog in hot weather? We have answers for that, too! So where do you get the products we talk about in today’s episode? Follow the links: booties, Musher’s Secret, treadmill.

A QR code for your dog!

Author: BarkRadio
June 20, 2012

How cool is that? Our dogs can have their very own QR codes. Terry and Dee spoke recently with Bethany from Scan My Pet Pls! about this unique business. Hear all about the organization’s Million Dollar Mission to give back to rescues, shelters, and according to their website … “pet-loving non-profits all over the country!” Support that great mission and keep your pet safe at the same time.

Puppy Bumpers!

Author: BarkRadio
March 22, 2011

Ann Price is not only a Delta Society instructor and evaluator, she is an inventor! Puppy Bumpers are a brilliant way to keep your dog on the safe side of the fence, balcony or deck. And they aren’t just for small breed dogs. Learn all about Puppy Bumpers in today’s interview with Ann. And have you heard? Bark Radio is available on iTunes! Subscribe today and don’t miss a single episode.

Through a Dog’s Ear

Author: BarkRadio
November 2, 2010

Concert pianist Lisa Spector joined Dee and Terry recently to share the latest from “Through A Dog’s Ear” – music to calm your dog. If your dog has sound phobias, separation anxiety, fear or general anxiety issues, even aggression – he or she may be a helped by music therapy. Think, too, about the calming effect of this music in a shelter environment! And now you can help spread the word and help your favorite nonprofit at the same time. Learn about the new “Through A Dog’s Ear” referral program in this episode of Bark Radio.

August 5, 2010

Why are so many people considering their dogs disposable? Get a dog, dump a dog? Millions of dogs are surrendered to rescues annually with up to 4 million being euthanized EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Why does this epidemic exist? Part of it is the economy. Is there help for folks who are struggling financially? In many communities, yes. Check with your local shelter to see if a program exists that can help with vaccinations and even food. Behavior problems? Enlist a trainer. Considering bringing a dog into your home? Think carefully about the long-term commitment required.

July 29, 2010

Did you know that Mary Tyler Moore has a diabetic alert dog? And he’s is a pitbull. How cool is that? Next, Terry tells us about a natural cedar treatment for pests including fleas and ticks. The version for yards even turns snakes around and sends them scurrying the other way.  And today’s vent is about Terry’s run-in with an idiot and a big lesson about how NOT to train a dog. Argh! And finally a tip of the hat to the Dingo, Australia’s wild dog.

ZenPawz … Relax

Author: BarkRadio
July 20, 2010

Are you looking for a natural way to calm your dog? Does your dog have itchy skin or suffer from car sickness? If the answer is yes, be sure to listen to today’s interview with Patty from Zen Paws.  It’s all about aromatherapy for dogs. Patty also tells us about her aromatherapy buckwheat pet bed.

July 9, 2010

Luke and The Boys made it to Boston, celebrated their walk of 2,400 miles, and are continuing canine cancer awareness with 2 million dogs. And what’s that we hear? Wedding bells for Maria Daines? Congratulations Maria!! Next, if you are interested in animal law, check out the  Comprehensive Animal Law Handbook. Then there’s this episode’s Breed Specific Legislation rant. Good grief, what’s up in Boston???

Wow, the magic of coconut oil. Its many uses may surprise you. Would you believe, among other things, that it’s an anti-fungal? This is a must-listen for those of you interested in a more holistic approach to life with your poochie. Next, hear all about three brand new Canine Good Citizens: Sparky, Surrey, and Noah. Way to go to handlers Terry, Vickie and Paul! Therapy dog tests are next for these three. Working dogs rock! And have your dogs ever played tag with each other? Terry’s do. Observing canine behavior is absolutely fascinating. Try it sometime. And finally, hear about Murphy’s gig as assistant trainer and our session with Apollo the Rottie.

April 27, 2010

Today’s Bark Radio guest is Cathy Smith. Cathy is up to her ears in Greyhound rescue in Rochester, New York. Learn all about this amazing breed, a little about their racing lives, and a lot about the wonderful system in place to re-home as many as possible when their racing days are done. Thanks to Cathy for sharing so much fascinating information based on her life with these dogs who, in her words, are born to run. That’s Cathy and her four-pack below. Top right is Sidd, bottom right is Azure.