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We’re not done until every dog has a home.
August 3, 2012

In the United States, the rights of individuals and their service dogs are provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act via the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. Apparently these rights are not made clear to employees of United Airlines. Recently, Jim Stanek and his service dog, Sarge, were accosted by employees of United at DC’s Dulles Airport. Stanek is a veteran. He did three tours in Iraq. He has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and a Traumatic Brain Injury.  He is the co-founder with his wife, Lindsey, of Paws and Stripes, an organization created to help other veterans with PTSD (with or without Traumatic Brain Injury) partner with their own service dogs. His treatment while traveling back to his home through Dulles was unbelievable and must NEVER happen again to ANYONE traveling with a service dog. Bark Radio co-hosts Terry and Dee recently joined Sue Kindred, president of Service Dog 411, in starting a petition to be delivered to the top guy at United Airlines. Please help us gather 25,000 signatures in protest of this veteran’s treatment by United employees. Sign the petition here. Thank you!

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